Womens Business Enterprise Council-Great Lake

Women’s Business Enterprise Certification Program
The Womens Business Enterprise Council-Great Lakes (WBEC-GL) an initiative of the Center for Empowerment & Economic Development (CEED) has assumed a leadership role providing opportunities for nationally recognized certification of businesses that are minimally 51% owned, operated and controlled by a woman or women. As a women’s business center, CEEDs commitment for helping women has led us to establish, along with Michigan based corporations and government purchasing programs, a certifying council called the Womens Business Enterprise Council-Great Lakes (WBEC-GL) Certification Program.

Why A Certification Program?
WBEC-GL was created to meet the need for a national standard of certification for businesses owned, managed and controlled by women who want to market their products and services in America’s major markets. WBEC-GL is assuming leadership to identify women’s business enterprises (WBEs) that are potential vendors for corporations who want to purchase from businesses owned and operated by women. We are helping to bridge the gap for contracting activities between suppliers of women’s business enterprises and corporate and government buyers. The Womens Business Enterprise Council-Great Lakes is a certifying partner organization with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) in Washington, DC. Together these organizations and corporations provide certification and procurement services for women across the nation.

Benefits For WBE’s
Qualifying your business as a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) can increase procurement opportunities with major corporations. Many corporations require that you be certified before they extend a contract to you. We provide nationally accepted certification of women-owned businesses in the private sector. Once certified, our WBEs will receive the following benefits:
-National recognition as a certified women business enterprise by more than 500 major U.S. corporations representing thousands of well known brands and government agencies
-Access to a current list of supplier diversity and procurement executives at these same companies
-Automatic inclusion in WBENCLink, our Internet database of certified women business enterprises
-Use of the WBENC member seal on your marketing materials
-Access to sourcing opportunities through WEbuy@wbenc.org
-Inclusion in WBENCs national mailing list through wbenc-discuss@wbenc.org for press release and marketing
-Ability to nominate corporations, women business owners, government agencies and individuals for the WBENC Applause Awards
-Ability to nominate a corporation for WBENCs Search For Americas Top Corporations for Womens Business Enterprises
-Participation in our annual surveys and our e-mail information and opportunity networks
-Eligibility to exhibit at national and regional business expos

Benefit For Our Corporate & Government Partners
WBEC-GL recognizes the challenge for the private sector to identify potential suppliers who are certified as a woman owned and controlled business. WBEC-GL’s Certification Program offers corporation opportunities for diversification by providing a database of women business enterprises that have received a rigorous and comprehensive review to certify that they are indeed 51% woman or women owned and controlled. As a corporate partner, you will have exclusive access to WBEC-GL’s women business enterprise database of potential suppliers.
Whats Next?
To fill out an application on the WBENC Internet Web site or to find out more information about WBENC, go to http://www.wbenc.org or contact Pamela Smith, WBEC-GL Program Manager at (734) 677-1400 to request certification information on how to become a WBENC certified WBE. Center for Empowerment & Economic Development & Our Corporate Partners are “Helping to create opportunities for women to build strong and successful businesses”
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