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Third Quarter Event – Coming July 25th!

How Can We Serve? Strategies for Service Companies to Win The Bid

Speaker Panel: Debra Quade – Kellogg’s, Melissa Fennell – Herman Miller, Mansfield Matthewson – GRCC

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Capturing your service niche in the supplier diversity market can be a daunting experience. The RFP’s are time consuming and after submitting proposal after proposal with no positive gain, small businesses often feel their efforts can be best spent on other, more productive and fulfilling pursuits.

Panelists will take your questions and address:

  • How can your woman owned business be the service resource large companies seek?
  • What best practices should be adopted to engage supplier diversity decision makers?
  • Are large corporations continuing to encourage diversity supplier development and engagement?

Join WISE as we engage in a very insightful panel discussion to glean what real opportunities exist and how our business can obtain consideration as diverse suppliers. Our panel consists of experienced sourcing agents including Debra Quade from Kellogg’s Corporation, Melissa Fennell senior supplier development manager  from Herman Miller, Mansfield Matthewson of Grand Rapids Community College. Certification Director for WBENC-Great Lakes, Pam Smith will also be in attendance and available to answer questions about women owned business certification.

Q2 Event Posts from Attendees

WISE welcomed Shawne Duperon – Networking, Gossip, & Media Expert of ShawneTV to Louis Benton downtown Grand Rapids for our 2nd Quarter 2013 event.

Shawne’s delivery style is always engaging and gut splitting funny. To top it off the content is always spot on, useful information that can be applied right away. Shawne worked with the audience, got us up and moving around to ‘play’ at being fearless. As we were jumping out of our comfort zones we learned techniques on how to deal with challenging life circumstances – in work and in play. A big message shared that the entire audience benefited from was the grace we can find in forgiveness. Shawne shared her Project Forgiveness Video which delivers one of the most powerful examples of forgiveness you may ever encounter. (http://bit.ly/16E2Dg6)

But what does forgiveness have to do with business? Working within teams to conduct business puts us in positions where we are reliant on other people to deliver on promises. Whether deadlines need met, products or services produced and delivered, etc. sometimes people fail. What do we do when this happens? Shawne shares the beauty and grace in forgiveness – women we must learn to pull up our big panties and move on and stopholding grudges and passing blame. Recognizing that we are human beings who make mistakes we can form long lasting, positive relationships personally and professionally. Shawne isn’t asking us to forget when someone we work with is not capable of providing particular results. It is important to learn where there may be weaknesses and not put ourselves into repear positions where there is failure. To get the best result we accept there was a mistake made and forgive ourselves or others and we learn and move forward with love and greater wisdom.

Thanks to all of attending. Special thanks to Shawne Duperon and to Herman Miller for their gracious sponsorship.

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Third Quarter Event Geared to Grow Business

wise-group3A special Thank You to Shawn Duperon and all of the wonderful WISE volunteers that made the second quarter event a success.  It is valuable to remember that we won’t be perfect and there are ways to overcome mistakes. 

In our third quarter event, get strategies to grow your business.  Learn how to create bids that put your company on top!  We look forward to seeing you July 25th at “How Can We Serve? Strategies for Service Companies to Win the Bid”.  5:30pm – 7:30pm

Get The Media Scoop from Shawne Duperon

shawne1_smallWISE Women and their WISE friends can’t wait to see Six-time EMMY® Award winning Media Coach Shawne Duperon (dew-PEAR-un, rhymes with Sharon).  She is presenting at the May 1, 2013 event.  She has been in the TV business for nearly 20 years. She has taught thousands how to communicate as leaders while networking and marketing in social and traditional media. Shawne works with corporations, entrepreneurs, universities and government agencies across the globe.

She has collaborated with many best-selling authors, has replaced Bill Ford of Ford Motor Company when she spoke at the Department of Defense and even lectures on cruise ships. She has interviewed many recent US presidents and has filmed hundreds of celebrities including Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, Yo Yo Ma, Senator John McCain and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

You’ve watched her on national networks such as CNN, CBS’ “The Early Show” and have seen her featured in “Inc. Magazine,” “USA Today,” “The Washington Post” and “The Chicago Tribune” to name a few.

One of her personal passions is the work she does with multicultural groups to help delete media stereotypes through communication leadership. She spearheaded the movement on global forgiveness called Project: Forgive, a little five-minute video that went viral without YouTube!

Shawne is currently a PhD candidate, creating leading-edge research on the relationship between mass media and gossip (yes, gossip!). She says knowing how to create and navigate communication skills as a leader is the secret to unlimited marketing and personal power.  Watch the WISE Blog for more info about the event an about Shawne and her work!

Learn More with Shawne Duperon 2nd Quarter Event Speaker

shawne1_smallOur 2nd Quarter speaker, Shawne Duperon has created some excellent learning events for business professionals to hone their skills in everything from networking to branding and media image.  At the May 1, 2013 WISE event, those that attend will enjoy insights for “What are You Broadcasting?”  Shawne’s program on leveraging media to grow your business.  Below is a little more information on the programs she offers to help business professionals grow.  Join us May 1 for networking and learning with this Award Winning Media Specialist!

Networking for Neanderthals Networking is primal. It’s biological. We need it. We crave it. And most of us don’t do it well. In this half day workshop, held in several cities in the US and Canada, you will step into a new realm of possibility.

What are you Broadcasting? How to Leverage Traditional and Social Media This marketing workshop is like no other. It’s a blend of tips for traditional and social media, designed to give you the tools, skills and strategies to lower your marketing costs and grow your business or career despite any economy. When you register, you also receive one of Shawne’s best selling press release tool.

Media Mastery Bootcamp One :30 story is worth real advertising dollars. Triple that value because your story is not an advertisement, it’s the media powerfully endorsing you and linking you to their website.

Great Marketing You Control – May 1, 2013

May 1st, attend the WISE 2nd quarter event, What Are You Broadcasting? The Business of Self-Forgiveness – (When You Make Marketing Mistakes).  2:00pm – 6:00pm at Louis Benton Steak House.  Speaker Shawne Duperon of ShawneTV will show you how brave business folk make marketing mistakes ALL THE TIME! Forget about the mistakes, it’s all about forgiving yourself quickly and moving into momentum.

Converge all of your marketing efforts for the biggest bang, especially around powerful media interviews. Forgive YOURSELF quickly in business and move into clean, impactful marketing clarity. This workshop is for you if you’re in business and want to master savvy traditional and social media strategies.
You will master how to…

Draw customers, clients and volunteers in with compelling authentic video ideas

Avoid the worst types of posts on Facebook and Twitter

Use the 2 secrets behind Facebook fan pages that attract people to LOVE your page, not just LIKE it

Forgive YOURSELF quickly in business and move into clean, impactful marketing clarity

Converge all of your marketing efforts for the biggest bang, especially around powerful media interviews.

Register now, we’ll see you at the 2nd Quarter Event!  Here’s to Valuing Relationships and Delivering Results

2nd Quarter Speaker Blogs for Business

shawne1_smallIf you’ve been following the WISE blog, you know that Shawne Duperon is a coach, media specialist, writer and documentary filmmaker.  Did you know that she is also a blogger?

Shawne Duperon (say “dew-PEAR-en”) is on a mission to change how we think about gossip and the media. A six-time EMMY� award-winning TV producer, Shawne is researching gossip for her Ph.D. She is also a media and networking expert who believes we can all help improve media and television.

Recent topics on her blog include Tweeting, Sound Bite Length, TV Body Position, Your Social Media Photos, The First Question a Reporter Asks, Engaging on Facebook,  and Video Blogging & Mistakes.  Shawne provides great tips and ideas for making positive use of media to promote your business or community involvement activities.  You can click on any of the blog links above or go to ShawneTV.com to learn more about Shawne and view more of her blog posts.

WISE is also committed to helping women in business achieve success.  We are excited to have Shawne as our 2nd quarter WISE Event speakers.  Join us May 1, 2013 to learn more about the role media can play in your business.

2nd Quarter Speaker’s Documentary – Forgive

shawne1_smallIn addition to an impressive media career, Shawne Duperon explores the basis for human  motivations in Forgive, The Documentary.  Forgive,  explored through the eyes of Shawne Duperon, is a deep inquiry into how  and why humans forgive. If you’ve heard Shawne speak at workshop, she  may have mentioned her past experience of being sexually abused.

Shawne says incest is the best thing that ever happened to her.

What an odd thing to say.

For  her, it’s not about the experience or the trauma of sexual abuse, but  rather how she values the deeply compassionate person she has become in  the journey of forgiving.

Years of incest recovery, therapy, and  personal development have brought this film maker to what she believes  is the essence of being alive – the ability to manage fear in any  capacity and to forgive -to forgive others who have hurt someone, to  forgive others for being human, and to ultimately forgive oneself.

This  film explores the stages you my encounter when hurt, what roadblocks  you may face when resentment builds up and what all humans may need to  examine on a journey to inner peace and fulfillment.

With her  spiritual mentor, colleague and dearest friend, Elisabeth Fayt, the pair  uncover the raw emotions of forgiveness and its range of meanings and  phases experienced, and in some instances avoided, by millions.

Compelling  stories are featured throughout the film, taking viewers on an  exquisite and emotional journey to inquire within themselves what they  personally may need to face and may need to forgive (or ask for  forgiveness) to find their own inner peace and happiness.  If you’re inspired to contact the team as the develop the filme click contact us, to reach out.

WISE is pleased and honored to have Shawne present at our 2nd Quarter Event on May 1, 2013.



The Power of Networking, Media and Gossip for Good

shawne1_small2nd Quarter WISE Event speaker, Shawne Duperon (say “dew-PEAR-en”) is a six-time EMMY® Award winning producer, PBS host, networking guru and media expert. A Ph.D. candidate in interpersonal communication, her expertise is gossip: how it impacts culture, the workplace, media and personal lives.

Shawne also teaches how our distorted views of media can get in the way of thoughtful, compelling reporting that moves people to positive action. A veteran TV reporter and news producer, she blows away misperceptions about reporters, newsrooms and gossip, which she calls “the cultural glue that holds us together.”

Conducting master’s degree research into media theory, Shawne identified connections between our cultural reference points — the subjects of what is called gossip — and how news is reported.

Much of Shawne Duperon’s research focuses on how we talk and how it shows up in the media. According to Shawne, how we talk is our media and until we change how we talk, our media will never change.

A native of Detroit, Shawne spent years working as a health and business reporter before starting her own business in 1999. She became well known for producing videos and documentaries to educate, move and inspire viewers for philanthropic causes. She has produced projects for The American Cancer Society, PBS and “Driving Skills for Life, a teen driving program that is saving lives across the country.

As a public speaker, Shawne is in high demand among medical and media professionals, entrepreneurs and companies seeking expert guidance on today’s fast-changing media environment.

Her mission is to empower companies, organizations and individuals to better understand the power of all media to convey messages and tell compelling stories.

“I show them how to do this in a powerful way so we get more of these moving, inspiring stories in media,” she says.  Join us May 1, 2013 for a great night of learning with Shawne!

What Are You Broadcasting – Q2 WISE Event

shawne1_smallYou have already read Shawne Duperon’s bio here in the blog.  Below is the preview of what she will present on May 1 at the WISE 2nd Quarter Event.  If you are looking to get your business in the media spotlight and grow your reach through publicity, you MUST attend this event!!!  Register today on the WISE website.

EVENT PREVIEW: Can you let yourself be uncomfortable enough in business, where your stomach drops and you wonder if you’re not crazy in your passion??

The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

It took THREE embarrassing tries before our video went viral for Project: Forgive. The discomfort was worth every second of dancing in fear.

This little 5-minute  video (www.projectforgive.com) made international news (NBC, ABC, CNN, Inc Magazine, CBS radio and others) and has received tens of thousands of emails, calls and posts across the globe, without YouTube.


Brave business folk make marketing mistakes ALL THE TIME!  Forget about the mistakes, it’s all about forgiving yourself quickly and moving into momentum.

This workshop is for you if you’re in business and want to master savvy traditional and social media strategies.

You will master how to…

• Draw customers, clients and volunteers in with compelling authentic video ideas

• Avoid the worst types of posts on Facebook and Twitter

• Use the 2 secrets behind Facebook fan pages that attract people to LOVE your page, not just LIKE it

• Forgive YOURSELF quickly in business  and move into clean, impactful marketing clarity

• Converge all your marketing efforts for the biggest bang, especially around powerful media interviews.

As you can tell, this is an event that will provide significant advice to help you get the most from your image and the image of your company!