Creating a Strong Digital Foundation for Communications and Sales-AVID

Date/Time:       12/18/2018       1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Location: LINC Revitalization Building



Want to cut down on time spent each day on marketing?

Wonder what to say on social media to create sales?

Tired of wondering what marketing tools are most effective?

We can answer all of these questions in a fun atmosphere which will leave you excited to take your business to the next level! We can answer many of your questions and often, creative ideas are provided for everyone in t room. It is so much fun!

In this class, we teach you how to create a strong digital and communications foundation which is ready for growth and sales. We also teach you how to create and organize your content for posting into social media and building relationships while cutting down on your time each day spent on marketing. What could be better?! It’s all so much fun and classes are small so we focus on YOUR business.

We focus on marketing and sales which will take your organization to the next level of success .

  • Using free and low cost marketing tools helped a organization to double and triple their connections and sales!
  • 556,000 social media impressions from one Cause Marketing Campaign!
  • Creating Killer Content and understanding how and when to share it is the key to capturing attention and sales.
  • Share your knowledge to set yourself as the industry leader and then role it out in a nice rhythm and cadence that will walk people gently to your sales funnel.

Below are some testimonials for other who have taken the class.
“Learned so much about different ways to market!”

“This class changed my life & how to market!”

“Very interactive and thorough.”

“Very relevant info. Thanks so much!”

“I was glad it was a small class size, more personable. Easy to communicate with all.”

“I loved your insights on content management!”


  • Snacks and refreshments are provided.
  • Marketing ideas at every level.
  • You will receive my agency pricing on printing for future orders.
  • You will receive Certificate of Completion
  • Creative ideas for your company

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Wondering about the speaker’s credentials? Review her LinkedIn Recommendations on her years of marketing experience from the Corporate World, to her own agency, non-profits, and all sizes of business.


FEE: $149.00