Financing Roundtables Presented by TEAM SBA

Date/Time:       09/10/2015       1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Location: Mid Michigan Community College

Before you apply for a business loan, first attend a free financing  roundtable.  We’ll debunk the myths and demystify the process of small business financing, including SBA loan guarantees.  The “team” is a banker, an SBA representative, an SBA business counselor, and business owners like you.  The team will answer all of your financing questions and give you advice on what steps to take to achieve your goal of starting or expanding a business.  The roundtables are best suited for those who have good credit, a solid business idea, and some money to invest in the business.  The sessions are free, but you must register in advance.

Call 989.386.6630 to register