Hook a Sista Up and Kitchen 67 Fundraiser “Get Fed and do a Good Deed”

Date/Time:       10/29/2014       11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Location: Kitchen 67

Hook a Sista Up (HASU) is a mentoring platform of women entrepreneurs who pay it forward to help upcoming women entrepreneurs succeed in getting their businesses launched.

Our mission is to help women entrepreneurs launch their business ventures faster and sustain them longer through collaboration, mentorship and accountability.

Please come out to our first fundraiser at Kitchen 67 where 15% of your ticket will be donated to HASU so we can help our women entrepreneurs with business licenses and other needs to get their businesses launched.

Your donations will also go towards programming for HASU so we can further continue our mission in helping women entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

To learn more about HASU go to: