Rockstar Woman Brunch

Date/Time:       09/29/2019       1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Location: City Flats Hotel

Two years ago, I decided that I wouldn’t celebrate the celebrity inspirational women I follow on social media more than the sheroes in my own backyard. The transformational leadership of women like you makes my world better!! I see you…I celebrate you… I am you. I know that what you do carries an invisible price tag many will never fully see nor understand. You carry the weight of your own life, plus daily lead, love, and serve in your homes, workplaces, and communities. When you lead, people flourish!

Last year, I hosted my first Rockstar Woman event. There are [3] signature features to anything I do in service of difference makers:

Rest — I love curating spaces where #RockstarWomen get to “be” vs. “do”;
Recovery — Battle scars are inherent to life as a difference maker. Inviting women into psychologically safe spaces to unpack what hurts, heal, and be emotionally well is purpose work for me.
Relationship Building — Presence and friendship are invaluable. Fostering spaces of belonging and meaningful connection are my JAM!

On Sunday, September 29th, I am hosting my 2nd #RockstarWoman brunch and would love to see you there! I will also be unveiling a new #ToughSkinSoftHeart initiative tailor-made for women in leadership.

Learn more and get your ticket HERE — I promise it will be a soul-lifting good time!!