Route Talks: Wisdom for the Expedition of Management

Date/Time:       09/13/2019       8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Location: The Postma Center

Managing and leading a high performing team is a journey. You don’t arrive overnight and it’s met with a slew of challenges along the way. Most would call it an expedition.

Maybe you’re new to the role and you’re struggling to find your bearings.

Maybe developing your people has becoming a growth bottleneck for your business.

Maybe you have unique personalities on your team and having trouble trying to intentionally shape the culture of your team/business.

These are all common obstacles along the route of building a great team. You’re not alone.

Come to Route Talks, a full day event, to experience and explore ideas with well-traveled guides who have gone down similar roads, by engaging and listening to wisdom that has worked for them.

This day will hold panel talks, small ted-talk like lectures, and fun learning experiences you won’t want to miss!

Speakers include: Denise Van Eck, owner of Thought Design; Matt Jung, co-founder of Comfort Research; Mike Harris, founder of Work Sighted; and Doctor Brian Cawley, professor at Calvin University.

Check it out at www.routetalks.com

Can’t wait to see you there!