Transform Personal Passion into Business Success

Date/Time:       05/20/2015       4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Location: Herman Miller Inc. Design Yard – Eames Room

Cost: $25.00

Guest Speaker: Cari Draft – EcoTrek Fitness

3849138_origWe’ve all had those moments when we are doing something that we truly enjoy and wonder how to turn that passion into a career that actually pays the bills. Our guest speaker, Cari Draft, has done just that. She transformed her personal commitment to physical fitness and health into a multi-faceted career that not only pays the bills, but also inspires others to take charge of their own fitness

After being a personal fitness trainer for several years and encouraging her fitness clients to explore the outdoors while working out, she created EcoTrek Fitness in 2006.

After taking a group of girlfriends and clients on a mini-EcoTrek session near Lake Michigan in Grand Haven, and getting rave reviews Cari began offering regular Eco-treks. Eco-Treks are designed for year round activity – even in Michigan. As we women know – if you’re dressed right you can achieve most anything!

Since then Cari has hired leaders to offer EcoTrek sessions in other areas. There are almost 3,000 people who have experienced an EcoTrek Fitness session and the company continues to grow each year. Cari didn’t stop there she also formulated a vegan and dairy-free fitness bar that includes only gluten-free ingredients with her EcoTrek Fitness clients in mind and now they are avaiable for everyone.

Learn from Cari how she made that dream a reality and take home some tips to help you mine your own personal passion to find a viable business angle.

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